Our Services

One stop solution for all your product line needs.

We specialize in innovative CBD products for healthy skin, pain management, and general wellness.

Anything in skincare, body care, men care, baby care, pet care, in a lotion, gel, cream, serum, mask, wash, or oral products form, we can do it!

Contract Manufacturing

With low minimums, short lead times and reasonable R&D fees, we can help you. Whether you are starting from scratch, bringing over an existing brand or have your own formulation we can help!

Private Label

We offer a selection of pre-formulated skincare, bodycare and wellness products available for your brand to customize and private label.

Full R&D Services

If you have an idea or product you want to create, let our group of highly skilled chemists develop it with you to your own specifications.

Innovative Sourcing

We can source for you the highest quality and unique ingredients to set your company apart.


If you want to build a brand from scratch or you want to improve your current branding, our own team of skilled and beauty specialized designers can help.


Sourcing and designing gorgeous packaging whether it’s for retail or e-commerce requires marketing understanding and competitor research. We will do your packaging, labelling and make them compliant with all FDA regulations for cosmetics.


Need a website? A landing page? Social media management? Our in-house marketing team can take care of all your marketing needs and showcase your vision to the world.


We will guide you through the process of finding the ideal partner for fulfillment or warehouse distribution.

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