About Us

Green Alchemy is an innovative manufacturing partner for start up “indie” brands interested in CBD and other cutting edge innovations.

Green Alchemy is the perfect partner to support emerging Cannabinoid companies and evolving brands as they pursued their dreams of establishing for themselves a market share. We fill the void for those in need of low minimums and quality sourcing.

Our founder, Bruce Akers, brings over twenty years experience as a green and clean formulating chemist in the industry. Helping establish the Whole Foods standard of clean, Bruce is a well-seasoned and highly skilled formulator in the beauty industry and now working on many innovative formulations for the cannabis industry.

6 Reasons

to work with us


Low Minimums – We make it happen.


Communication – We are available 24/7. We know you don’t stop, so why would we?


One stop shop – Our In-house Marketing and Design team will take care of all your branding needs. We will develop, manufacture and create the product of your dreams.


High Capacity – We can make it happen for startups but also for established companies that will like to outsource their production or develop a whole new line.


Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines – Gone are the days of long delays in R&D and manufacturing. We make sure we stick to our deadlines so you can comply with yours and that of your client’s.


In Clean & Green Products – If we specialize in Green why not make them Clean, Green, and Natural 😉.